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Scientific Processing Technology of Laser Welding Machine for Water Pump Impelle

release time:2018-09-17   Views:   source:Shanghai Ebel Technology Co., Ltd.

Scientific processing technology of water pump impeller laser welding machine

Due to the use of inert formula and scientific polishing methods, the entire process of removing material lines has no effect on mold surface properties (such as hardness, color, molecular structure, metallographic structure, etc.).

Any change can realize the real physical grinding to remove the grain lines and polishing.

The temperature limit is generally set at 25°C, but in order to prevent excessive temperature difference and condensation, the working temperature is generally set according to the environment and humidity. If the ambient temperature is 32°C, the temperature can be set at 28

℃. If the ambient temperature is lower than 20°C, the lower limit temperature is set at 20°C. Generally, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5℃, otherwise condensation will cause the laser power to drop, and may cause damage