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Composition structure of slurry pump impeller

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The open impeller of slurry pump generally has two structures. One is the front semi-open type, which is composed of a rear cover and blades. This structure impeller has low efficiency. In order to improve efficiency, it needs to be equipped with an adjustable gap seal ring. The other is the rear half-open type, which consists of a front cover and blades. Since the same sealing ring as the closed impeller can be applied, the efficiency is basically the same as that of the closed impeller. In addition to transporting liquid, the blades also have (back blades or The sealing effect of the auxiliary impeller. The semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solids such as solid particles and fibers. The semi-open impeller is less difficult to manufacture, low in cost, and highly adaptable. In recent years, it has been increasingly used in centrifugal pumps for refining and chemical industries, and is used to transport clear water and liquids similar to clear water.

The slurry pump impeller is an important component of the slurry pump

The main parts of slurry pump include sheath, guard plate, impeller, seal and so on.

The impeller is the working part of the slurry pump. It is one of the important parts of the slurry pump to realize the liquid transportation by relying on its high-speed rotation to do work on the liquid.

Slurry pump accessories-classification of impellers

1. The impeller is generally composed of three parts: hub, blade and cover.

2. The cover of the impeller is divided into a front cover and a rear cover

3. The cover on the inlet side of the impeller is called the front cover, and the cover on the other side is called the rear cover.

There are three types of impellers: closed impeller, open impeller, and semi-closed impeller

Slurry pump accessories-closed impeller

There are cover plates on both sides of the impeller, and there are 4-6 blades between the cover plates. When the bending direction of the blades is opposite to the rotation direction of the impeller, it is called shield-curved blade. Generally, the blades of the impeller are backward-curved blades. The type impeller has high efficiency and wide application, suitable for conveying clean liquid without solid particles and fibers.

There are two types of closed impellers: single suction and double suction: double suction impellers have a larger infusion volume than single suction impellers

Slurry pump accessories-open impeller

There are no cover plates on both sides of the slurry pump impeller, and the blades are connected to the hub through ribs. This type of impeller has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture, but has low efficiency. It is suitable for conveying liquids containing more suspended solids or fibers.

Slurry pump accessories-semi-closed impeller. This impeller only has a rear cover plate. It is suitable for conveying liquids that are easy to precipitate or contain solid suspended solids. Its efficiency is between open and closed impellers.

Material of the impeller: According to different needs, the impeller can be made of slurry pump materials such as cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and plastic. The manufacturing methods of the impeller include sand foundry casting, precision casting, welding, molding and so on. Its size, shape and manufacturing accuracy have a great influence on the performance of the pump.

Generally, the impeller of the slurry pump is of integral casting structure, and the dimensional accuracy of the impeller runner is mainly guaranteed by the casting process, which is difficult to achieve high accuracy requirements. The slurry pump impeller is a group welding structure, and the welding material is the same material as the parent body. The impeller is composed of three parts: the front cover, the rear cover and the blades. The rigidity and strength of the impeller are sufficient. The blade is made of steel plate by hot pressing, and the blade material is made of high chromium alloy. In order to facilitate the hot pressing of the blade, assembly and welding positioning and size inspection, the blade is designed in three dimensions, and the front cover of the impeller is cast. The rear cover is divided into inner and outer rings, and the inner ring is cast. The flow surfaces of the front and rear cover are processed by CNC vertical lathes. The impeller requires high dimensional accuracy and wear resistance. The service life is extended.